Complete My Work

That’s it. That’s my mission statement. It’s a fairly important one for me because my body is kinda fickle about how it wants to behave. For now, I’m the healthiest I’ve been in years, so I don’t want to squander this time. I want to finish as many stories as possible and find out what I’m really capable of.

There are two smaller goals I want to accomplish: have enough money for dental work and move to Seattle. A major factor with my health is environment, and the southern US which has been getting record numbers of 90+ days isn’t too great for me. Living in a rural area while being lgbt is soooo stifling too.

From the links on the side bar, you’ve probably figured out that I write gay fiction. Mostly Romance and Fantasy with random stories thrown onto online sites. The stories with solid happily ever afters are what’s on Amazon, but more of the *cough* questionable content will end up on Wattpad, AO3, and Tumblr. The messed up stories will come with a lot of content warnings, so I won’t just spring them on people. It’ll take a while to get to them anyway, so that’s more of a future thing.

The books that are currently out are:

Veiled Dancer – A Gay Romance featuring a marriage competition over a hot king.

War God’s Servant – Horny God of War gets turned on by a soldier just trying not to die on the battlefield.

What’s coming soon:

Blood and Motive – Epic Fantasy with elemental powers, hot knights, and a horny dragon.

Keep Calm and Don’t Eat People – A very polite werewolf who tries his best not to eat people ends up in a quiet town that is teeming with other monsters.

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