Distractions From A Pandemic

Writing is going smoothly mostly thanks to the fact I’m used to my life being in shambles, but also because having a long show on in the background is a good distraction. So here’s a list of what’s keeping my mind occupied whenever it wants to stray from whichever Romance novel I’m working on:

Arrow – There are maybe 2-3 seasons before it goes off the rails, but it does have shining moments like this:

Fringe – I didn’t get to finish it yet, but it’s scratches that X-Files itch.

Dark Matter – I appreciate women who would kill for each other.

Killjoys – Because Dutch is everything.

Banshee – This is a bonkers show with zero realism, but it was entertaining(Warning, the ending was trash).

Atlanta – I love how weird it can be sometimes because honestly, Georgia really has some weird stuff go down.

Yes, there are a bunch of great shows to watch now, but some are too pretty to the point that they not only distract me from the pandemic, but also from my work. Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra, The Expanse, and Hannibal are some of those examples.

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