Writing Smorgasbord

This is what I’m accomplishing right now: written chapters for a high Fantasy novel, a chapter for a fanfic, a few paragraphs for a Paranormal Romance, an outline for a revenge Sci-Fi novel, and editing another Fantasy novel and Urban Fantasy novel. My brain still wants to be frustrated at how little consistency there is in my work right now, but getting anything done is the victory. And I don’t know when there will be a “normal” again, especially since my country hasn’t hit the worst of this pandemic yet. That’s why I have to repeat to myself over and over again that what little I get done and no matter how hectic, is all okay. If I can’t get any words next week or perhaps weeks, that’s okay too.

Everything is so different, and while most people can wrap their brains around the facts of this situation, adjusting is still going to take a long time. Some day, I’ll be able to sit down and concentrate on one project for days at a time. I don’t know when that’ll happen, but the work I’m doing now and then, will all count.

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