There’s Always Something To Fix

Delay #52 is brought to you by my laptop that went kaput. Luckily I have a desktop which I rarely use and then rediscovered why. When I sit for long periods of time, my foot with the bad ankle dangles at a 90° angle. After a few weeks of this, I wake up barely able to walk and have to carefully and constantly adjust my foot so it goes back to normal.

So I came up with the solution to move my bed closer to the desk. Yes it would be easier to move my desk, but I have too much expensive equipment(computer, monitor, etc.) on it that will devastate me if I drop something and it breaks(very possible given how unsteady my foot is.) The bed and the storage containers beneath it are all very durable and can take a beating. Seriously, if I break my only working computer while moving it, y’all ain’t gonna hear from me for like a year.

While I’m in the midst of doing all of this, several things have broken down around the house, so my time has also been eaten away by repair folks coming to the house. Thankfully, they only had to go into the basement and the laundry area which are right next to outside doors that are easy to air out, and they wore masks.

There have been so many overwhelming things at once, especially during a time I usually get the most work done.

Writing-wise, I’ll be able to finish something if I can just have uninterrupted writing/editing time again. Sigh. This year just had to be so friggin’ cursed. Pushes bad foot outward again.

Oh and since it’s Cyber Monday, my books are on sale.

The War God’s Servant(the start of a gay mythical warrior) is free through Friday:

And Veiled Dancer(Gay Fantasy version of The Bachelor) is $0.99 until Sunday:

This took me forever to write because WordPress’s block editor somehow got worse since my last post.

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