The Wonderful World Of Kindle Vella

You may or may not have heard that Amazon is dropping a new serial reading app next week(Amazon is being cagey about an exact date). Some writers are on the fence, and some are looking at it as a second chance to boost their career. I’m one of the latter. For the past year, even after getting my health back to a manageable level, years of being unable to write consistently has definitely damaged my wallet. So I’ve been spending about 75% of my energy doing online surveys to pay my bills, and 25% on writing.

This has been killer on my ability to edit because I can’t just sit down for days or weeks on end figuring out plot problems like with earlier books. I have to stop my work to go make reliable money. Sure I could do Patreon, but honestly, I’m still not at the point healthwise where I can make any promises.

So this is where Kindle Vella comes in. My body is whack, but I can write 800 words to a thousand off and on, and edit them in a reasonable time frame. What also helps me do this is that I’ll be writing these stories anonymously. Other than relaxed editing time, I’ve also been missing the old days of writing off the wall stuff for fun. I’d given Wattpad a go, but after the boards were taken down, my enthusiasm fizzled out.

Being paid for easy work at my own pace with little pressure is the best case scenario to help jumpstart my career again. So we’ll see how this goes.

Almost forgot to add that Veiled Dancer is back on sale for $0.99 until July 13th.

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