I Finally Did It!

I made a Patreon. It actually wasn’t as complicated as I expected it to be. Jumped through a few hoops, and it had everything I needed for writing serial stories. You can upload a picture with each episode, it’s easy to format, and even though I didn’t have the health to do it correctly years ago, I’m still kicking myself for not making one sooner.

Serial storytelling is more to my natural writing habits than trying to crank out a bunch of complete books, and it’s easier to work through the pain on my flare days without worrying about jacking up something major. It’s so much less stressful being late with a chapter versus a whole book. And if a chapter in one story is giving me trouble, my brain has already figured out a problem for a different story. That’s why despite it looking like a bit much, my Patreon three stories just starting out.

Blood and Lies(M/M, High Fantasy coming of age story for a descendant of Merlin) – This book and its sequel are already written, so my Patreon won’t run out of material for at least a year.

The Groom of the Wolf General(M/M, Fantasy story with dungeon missions) – Smooth writing so far because it’s my personal escape story. It’s pretty plotted out into the first third of the book, so it won’t run into a slowdown for a while.

Family of Lies: James(M/F ,The beginning of the Orwell saga and a Fantasy road trip story) – The problem child because this is the book that is tightening up the rules of the world I created with Sebastian/Kevin while I also avoid changing anything too fundamental that will mess up those two books.

Here’s the site: https://www.patreon.com/IndyStrange

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