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Complete My Work

That’s it. That’s my mission statement. It’s a fairly important one for me because my body is kinda fickle about how it wants to behave. For now, I’m the healthiest I’ve been in years, so I don’t want to squander this time. I want to finish as many stories as possible and find out what I’m really capable of.

There are two smaller goals I want to accomplish: have enough money for dental work and move to Seattle. A major factor with my health is environment, and the southern US which has been getting record numbers of 90+ days isn’t too great for me. Living in a rural area while being lgbt is soooo stifling too.

From the links on the side bar, you’ve probably figured out that I write gay fiction. Mostly Romance and Fantasy with random stories thrown onto online sites. The stories with solid happily ever afters are what’s on Amazon, but more of the *cough* questionable content will end up on Wattpad, AO3, and Tumblr. The messed up stories will come with a lot of content warnings, so I won’t just spring them on people. It’ll take a while to get to them anyway, so that’s more of a future thing.

The books that are currently out are:

Veiled Dancer – A Gay Romance featuring a marriage competition over a hot king.

War God’s Servant – Horny God of War gets turned on by a soldier just trying not to die on the battlefield.

What’s coming soon:

Blood and Motive – Epic Fantasy with elemental powers, hot knights, and a horny dragon.

Keep Calm and Don’t Eat People – A very polite werewolf who tries his best not to eat people ends up in a quiet town that is teeming with other monsters.

Gotta Love the 90’s

Whenever I hit a writing or editing snag, down the anime hole I go. Today’s viewing is Initial D First Stage. This car racing show came out before The Fast and The Furious and actually got a shout-out in Tokyo Drift(HATED this sequel). The art style is rough on the eyes, but the car races are still a nice little thrill to have in the background when your characters won’t cooperate. There’s also some good shipping material between the MC, Takumi Fujiwara, and his rival, Ryosuke Takahashi, who sends flowers as his challenge. You should keep in mind that the female characters aren’t handled the greatest, but Takumi’s friends even this out by being total dorks who ruin their own attempts at finding love.

The two cuties you can’t help but ship together

Yay, it’s my first post!

I’m biting the bullet and making a writing blog. This isn’t really for advice because I’m not very experienced. Most of my posts will be about my books or for when I have time to share books that caught my interest. Not reviews though, just first impressions like why they made me press the buy button. Oh and the blog name is your first warning that I’m not normal at all.

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