Merry Christmas!

I still won’t have another release until around New Year’s because I ended up planning more holiday cooking than expected. Making extravagant meals for my family is my Christmas present to them since I rarely have the spoons to do this.

So this morning, I’m making cinnamon rolls from scratch and getting a little writing done in between breaks. This is also a present to myself because I haven’t baked anything like this in years. It’s nice to know that even if it’s impossible for me to do this even once every few months, this one day of ignoring my body’s signals of pain are worth the deliciousness.

Oh, since I missed my personal deadline, here’s Veiled Dancer for $0.99 from today until exactly midnight on New Year’s. I wish it could have been throughout the whole next holiday, but Amazon was like The Ring and only lets the sale last 7 days.

Happy Turkey Day!

From today through Cyber Monday here in the US, War God’s Servant is a freebie. So if you like steamy Gay Fantasy with battles, give it a shot!

You won’t hear much from me because I’m finishing up another Fantasy novel. This book has a dragon shifter knight, so uh, the sex scenes in it do reflect that a bit. *Cough*

This book is harder for me to get a handle on because I have to get the nuance right between my main character, Alex, and his family of evil wizards he’s taking on. Making sure the budding romance blends in with the plot seamlessly isn’t the easiest thing to do either. Deep down, Alex doesn’t think he’s going to survive the conflict with his family, so he’s closed his heart off a bit. Luckily, dragons are very stubborn when they find the right lover.

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